Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Morning Reads 6/26/2018

Georgia News

Georgia's primary run-offs: Who is on the ballot and when can you vote?

Rep. Jody Hice co-sponsors resolution condemning Rep. Maxine Waters' call for harassment of Trump staffers

AG Chris Carr announces indictment of former Dept. of Juvenile Justice employee for stealing $200,000  

Retaining wall collapses on unfinished toll lanes on I-75; officials say road will not open until they are sure it's safe

State trooper refuses to let farmer transfer cattle from broken down trailer, resulting in death of 5 cows

National/International News 

Democrats now afraid Maxine Waters' call for harassment will hurt them at the polls in November

DHS employee finds burnt animal carcass on porch as credible threats against employees grow 

The Hill: Immigration overhaul on life support in the House

FBI refuses to send documents to Congress relating to agency spying on Trump campaign

Jamie Dupree: Stocks drop, jobs shift in response to Trump tariffs, trade war fears

FDA approves epilepsy drug made from marijuana

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  1. Do what you can to get Waters out of Congress for inciting violence and harassment. She is an embarrassment for Congress and the country. They are just trying to buy votes with our money. When you get a chance ask her and Pelosi how many illegal aliens they are taking to their house to care for. Close the border, make them ( illegal aliens) do it legally or not at all. We do not need more welfare recipients voting democrat. There is a change you make. Don't let people vote themselves monies from our Treasury. Didn't mean to get on a soap box, however it is my understanding almost all the tax paying voters are tired of wasting our monies on those who do not contribute to this nation and I am not talking about yhe elderly or disabled.